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Doodles, Drawings & Some Other Crap Masterpieces they ain't

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Couple with ugly baby worried pig the boy with the freakishly large hand makes fun of the boy with no hands last race of #3 nobody knew the mime was really choking until it was too late giant nurse Olga bathes a patient mutant swingers sneaking it out Mr. Barks Larry buys condoms DONT EDUCATE ME The Batballoon
I want you to meet my friend. tired Santa never put your two grandpas together in the same room or else they will fight to the death what is batteryman up to? everybody loves santa fly grandma farts during the thanksgiving prayer big arms alien gets involved with a cult masterpiece The beginning of a sad story Baby clawed its way out parasitic twin
Bonding with the alien Alice still has it! rednecks outdrink the alien dancing woman pooping birds Old problem solved.  New problem now. grandpa gets a thrill balls fat Jesus pirate love Global Warming Headless Woman the guiding hand of Jesus
funny proctologist a curious find longfingers cops a feel unhappy hour Why am I marrying this whore? target practice sad alien gives puppet show swinging grandma Larry walks to the district the wet nurse Milton the alien
chicken man Helga has a magical night out Ms. Jones performs an impromptu puppet show my first prostitute had strange arms rejected by the fabulous furry woman boy with snake Alien Feast grandma likes to flash Larry regrets breakdancing happy women To do list



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