20 Bucks

She smiled and said "Come here to mama!"
I paused and she exclaimed "You know you gonna!"
She was over 50.
And I was 16
And her face showed how these streets
Could be mean.

We walked up the stairs
In flickering fluorescent light
The hall smelled of urine.
The hall smelled of blight.
We passed a laughing midget
Dressed in imitation leather
And she opened up the door
And we walked in together.

Smiling face
With eyes reflecting red
And in a moment
She put out her cigarette
She sat on the bed.
She held out her hand.
And very soon I knew 
I'd graduate to man.

I fell down on sheets
All hairy and stained
And I thought about my virginity- nothing lost, nothing gained.
Eyes spying through the window
While I lost myself in the flesh
Of someone large and soft
And not quite fresh.

Walking away I wondered
If now I'd changed.
If innocence lost
Really meant wisdom gained
For her just a work night
The confusion only mine
Maybe the experience will be clearer
Next time.

But ya know twenty bucks don't get ya what it used to.


Roy Peak played bass. 
Tracey Moore played the stinky whore.  Craig Spirko was the obnoxious guy.

I send a big apology to Tracey and Craig because I forgot to credit their wonderful acting skills on the CD's liner notes for this song.  

Don't Sit On Tables
All songs written by Troy Lukkarila
Copyright 1999
All songs except Beaten recorded and mixed at
12th House Records
Produced by Craig Spirko, Roy Peak and Troy Lukkarila
Engineered by Craig Spirko and Roy Peak
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