Good Wife

She said she needed more than this
I said what are you talking about everything is fine.
She said she wanted to get a job.
I said no way no wife of mine
She said wanted to take some classes
And maybe get a diploma
I laughed and said Have you gone mad?
I think it'd be best if you stay home and
I'm telling you now... I'm telling you now... This is what you want.

You've got it made here.
You have a great life. 
No worry and no strife.
Nothing you have to do here
Just be a good little wife

She sat at the dinner table
And she didn't eat one bite
And I felt inclined to tell her the food was lousy
And why the hell can't she get it right.
Then mother stopped by to talk a little
While my wife cleaned up food no one ate.
I told mom of the crazy things my wife had said
Then mother set my wife straight.
She said I'm telling you now... I'm telling you now... This is what you want.


I told mother how bad work was
While my wife went upstairs to lie down.
And when we heard the gunshot
I said to myself
what the hell has she screwed up now?
Then it hit me and we ran upstairs
To witness a horrible, horrible mess.
And I cried and held my mother
And mom said she didn't listen to me I guess
When I said I'm telling you now. I'm telling you now. This is what you want.

Tragedy can be a good teacher
And from this experience I think I've grown
Now I know there's some people who must be watched.
Some people can't be left alone
Some people don't know when they have it good.
Some people must be controlled
Some people don't appreciate what they have
Some people must always be told. And I'm telling you now...
This is what you want

Guests: Rebecca Zapen played the violin and added the fabulously haunting vocals on the end of the song.  Because Troy Lukkarila is rather stupid at times, her name is misspelled on the CD.


Don't Sit On Tables
All songs written by Troy Lukkarila
Copyright 1998
All songs except Beaten recorded and mixed at
12th House Records
Produced by Craig Spirko, Roy Peak and Troy Lukkarila
Engineered by Craig Spirko and Roy Peak