Oh little ones
Stay out of my mind
For you may like what you find
And this makes your parents shudder.
Oh little ones
Lured by temptation
React on your first hesitation
Hide within your mother's arms.
Oh little ones
Engulfed in my hand
How much of this can you withstand
As my clench overwhelms you with pressure?

Oh no
I think that you had better go
Oh no hey hey
I think I'd rather you stay.

Oh little ones
You're always invited
But the short fuse will be ignited
And your brain will explode.


Narration by the slightly inebriated Alan Justiss.

Don't Sit On Tables
All songs written by Troy Lukkarila
Copyright 1999
All songs except Beaten recorded and mixed at
12th House Records
Produced by Craig Spirko, Roy Peak and Troy Lukkarila
Engineered by Craig Spirko and Roy Peak