Why Can't I Get A Gig

Why can't I get a gig?
When you know I'm better than all you.
You can get all mad but you know it's true.
This immense talent you cannot falter
If I wanted, I could walk on water.

I guess it must be hard for the ugly people like you
To see someone so talented and good looking, too.
I'm the greatest entertainer to walk the planet
I'm so damn good nobody can stand it.

But why can't I get a gig?

Because you suck!



Joe Flowers played the emcee.

Don't Sit On Tables
All songs written by Troy Lukkarila
Copyright 1998
All songs except Beaten recorded and mixed at
12th House Records
Produced by Craig Spirko, Roy Peak and Troy Lukkarila
Engineered by Craig Spirko and Roy Peak
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