I'm so glad that you dropped by.
I've been needing a friend for a long time.
Sometimes it's hard to leave my bed.
Sometimes it's hard to lift my head.

Friends! Friends!
It's good to have them.
Friends! Friends!
We all need them.

Do you want to watch some of my teevee?
I'm so happy you came to see me.
I will cook you a square meal.
And we can play some cards, I'll deal.

Friends! Friends!
We all need them.
Friends! Friends!
Don't ever forsake them.

If you want to read I'll give you my best mag.
If you want to speak I'll loosen up the gag.
But you must promise that you won't scream.
By the way, having you here has always been my dream

Friends! Friends!
It's good to have them.
Friends! Friends!
Can't live without them.

I'm am sorry, does that rope burn your skin?
Well then close your eyes and slowly count to ten.
Very soon this will be your past.
It all depends on how long you last.

Friends! Friends!
I'm glad I have them.
Friends! Friends!
Can't get enough of them.

Is that anyway to speak to your host?
I didn't want you to be sorry you came
But now you're going to have to be punished!
And you've got no one but yourself to blame!

So what do I have to do
To get you
To stop all that screaming
And carrying on?

You know you don't need all the toes on your feet.
I just want a little part of you to keep.
The rest of you can go in the fridge.
I will save you for a special binge.

Friends! Friends!
You got to watch them.
Friends! Friends!
Don't always trust them.

Chris Page played weird bass with a violin bow.



Every Day is Garbage Day
All songs written by Troy Lukkarila
Copyright 1998
All songs except Beaten recorded and mixed at
12th House Records
Produced by Craig Spirko, Roy Peak and Troy Lukkarila
Engineered by Craig Spirko and Roy Peak