Iím running for my life again
And itís the same old story every single day
I make a promise that they expect me to pay

And Iím skipping out on my bill again
And if you think youíll squeeze a dime out of me
It makes me laugh until I have to pee

Give it back
Give it back
Give me dignity.

Iím using cutlery again.
Well it's no big deal
but my mom is proud
Sheís warning the neighbors.
Sheís talking too loud.
And Iím putting cauliflower up my nose again.
And I guess that some habits are hard to break
Must I be punished for every mistake?

Give me back
Give me back
Give me dignity.

I am za vun zay call id.
I've got some orders to give
I am za vun in control.
Unt maybe you donít even know.

Iím selling flowers at the airport again.
It isn't much but it pays the rent.
Why donít you buy some for your lady or gent?
And Iím mixed up in a cult again
And you might be surprised that we have the best wine.
We're all leaving on that comet this time.

Give me back
Give me back
Give me dignity


Unsafe Structure
All songs written by Troy Lukkarila
Copyright 2005
A product of Lukalips Destruction Co.

Recorded at

radical recording

Produced by Troy Lukkarila and Roy Peak
Engineered by Roy Peak