Good old Wal-Mart
Nice big parking lot
Here comes a body
I'm in my hiding spot.

She's looking perty!
She's on the go!
She don't know it
But she's in for a show
And a flash!

Look here at my guy
He's all nice and flappy.
He wants to say hi to you.
He wants to make ya happy.

It's fun to be naked
Where you're ain't supposed to be
It's fun to expose yourself
To unexpecting company
With a flash!

Well in my heart
I truly believe you like it.
I bet you go home and tell your friends
All about the day's excitement.

But still you go and you call the cops
Why why why would you want to put a stop
To the joy I'm spreading
To the me I'm sharing...
Don't ya think I'm beautiful?
Don't ya think I'm beautiful?
What am I some kind of animal?

Well I thought...
I thought we connected.
I thought
There was something between you and me
More than that little mini-me.

If you could have seen that look on your face
God, anybody would love to be in my place.
You know what they say?
They say the show must go on
In a flash.

Wholesale clubs
Are better than pubs
Thank you Mr. Walden
You're the guy I love!

24 hours
Seven a week
Making it easy
For guys like me
And a flash!


Unsafe Structure
All songs written by Troy Lukkarila
Copyright 2005
A product of Lukalips Destruction Co.

Recorded at

radical recording

Produced by Troy Lukkarila and Roy Peak
Engineered by Roy Peak