Make Her Happy

If you’re going to my house
I may only crack the door
I’ve been living here in silence
While we’re waiting here for more

To make her happy
Everybody clap your hands!
She is happy
In her fantasy land
‘Til she comes down.
On me she comes down.

If you’re asking me for money
I don’t have much to give anymore.
Funnel it into my honey (her nose her veins)
And we pretend to live.

To make her happy
Everybody clap your hands
She’s is happy
In fantasy land?
'Til she comes down
On me she comes down.

Daddy did you ever think you’d see your daughter
Strung out fucked up on your floor.
She blue in the face and  track marks in her arm.
She finding new ways to do herself harm.
Am I a chicken if I run away from this?
Am I a chicken if I run away from this?
But it never gets any better here
And I gave up a long time ago.
Gonna go gonna go- Ohio
Gonna hide out in Ohio
Maybe go to Kings Island
Relive my childhood.

Gonna go.  Gonna go.

If you're coming to the  hideout
Leave the fun at home.
I’m sitting here thinking about the new guy
He’s in deeper than he knows.

Make her happy
And you'll be the man
Make her happy
And I'll shake your hand.
But she'll come down.
On you she’ll come down.


Unsafe Structure
All songs written by Troy Lukkarila
Copyright 2005
A product of Lukalips Destruction Co.

Recorded at

radical recording

Produced by Troy Lukkarila and Roy Peak
Engineered by Roy Peak