The Family (Fell Apart Today)

The Family fell apart today
There were words spoken
No need repeating
There were heirlooms hurled across the room
Thank God they didnít hit their target
But now theyíre garbage
In pieces like our lives.

Everybody that day had to be heard
So they yelled louder and louder and louder
Does the loudest one win?
I donít think so, no.
The family fell apart today
Close the book
The story is over

'Cept I cant seem to understand
How it got fucked up like this
With innocent words thrown back
With anger and artifice
Bury it deep inside yourself
Donít tell a soul
Maybe it'll come out in therapy
Or maybe some day
When you're having a conversation
And you find yourself yelling for no good reason
Except it all goes back to...

The Family fell apart one day.
And itís over
But it ain't over.

Hey, I'm gonna have fun again.
I'm gonna laugh again.
I almost forgot how
Ha ha ha ha.
Hey, give me a beer!
This is great!

And I'm
Gonna fuck strange women again.
I'm sorry if that offends you
But I'm a guy.
I have my needs.
And I need, I need a beer.  Hey!

Well how 'bout you?
What's your sign?
Is that a tired and used up line?
Probably not as used up as you
You piece of bus room (bus station) carpet.
Give me a beer!

That bitch over there
Thinks she's better than me.
I've had better
At least in my dreams.
Yeah, another beer.

Hey, what are you lookin' at?
You want a piece of me?

I suck.
I pissed my pants
I don't feel good.

Oh, it ain't so easy.
Oh, it ain't so easy.
Oh, it ain't so easy.


Unsafe Structure
All songs written by Troy Lukkarila
Copyright 2005
A product of Lukalips Destruction Co.

Recorded at

radical recording

Produced by Troy Lukkarila and Roy Peak
Engineered by Roy Peak