When You Get Home

When you get home
We're gonna settle this once and for all.
When you get home
All hell will break loose as I break your jaw.

When you get home
I'll knock that smile right off your face
When you get home
I'll knock you clear out to outer space

When you get home
I'm gonna prove your mom was right about me
When you get home
There's gonna be a major tragedy for you.

I'm in the back yard with a shovel and my past.
Putting it behind me by putting it under me at last.
And these are the arms that use to wrap around me
And these are the lips that used to like to kiss me
And these are the ears that used to like to listen
And these are the feet...
Wait a minute...
Where are the feet?
What'd I do with the feet?
They didn't just walk away, the feet.

I'm digging a hole in the back yard
Not as deep as the hole in my heart.
And these are the eyes that used to like to watch me
And this is the nose that used to like to smell me
And this is the large intestinal track
That used to digest the food that I used to make for her .
And this is the heart...
Wait a minute...
Where is the heart?
What'd I do with the heart?
What a surprise, no heart!

Let's say a prayer for my darlin'
Just a little prayer for my darlin'
Little boy, don't ya cry for your momma.
I'm sure I can marry you another.

I said don't cry.
Stop that boy!
I mean it!
No more weeping and whaling and sobbing and sniveling
And blubbering whining and whimpering and bawling.
Stop it!
You're just like your mother.
See how far that got her.

When you get home
I'll do whatever it is that you say.
When you get home
Truth is I've been p-whipped from the very first day.
When you get home
I'll keep those nasty little thoughts to myself.
When you get home
I swear I'll get some professional help.
I love you.


Unsafe Structure
All songs written by Troy Lukkarila
Copyright 2005
Another fine product of Lukalips Destruction Co.

Recorded at

radical recording

Produced by Troy Lukkarila and Roy Peak
Engineered by Roy Peak