The following artists contributed to at least one of Troy's CDs.  They are presented here in no particular order.

Roy Peak


"It's the super multi-talented Roy!  He engineered both  my CDs.  He's also a killer bass player.  He has proven to have infinite patience by putting up with my constant indecisiveness on the projects we have worked on together."  -Troy

Roy now runs his own studio named Radical Recording where Troy is currently recording his third CD.

12th House Records

12th House Records

Check out the quality of sound coming out of that place!  Home of Troy's first two CDs.

Sean Christopher Jones

"Only one out of every thousand self-proclaimed drummers is talented.  Sean is the one."  -Troy
He has played with many Jacksonville musicians in many different styles.


Chris Page

A jack of all trades with imagination seething out his nose.  Best of all, he owns lots of fun, musical toys.  He's a wonderful contribution to any musical project.


Rebecca Zapen

"I am consistently amazed at Rebecca's musical abilities.  Not only is she suburb at kicking out beautiful notes from her violin and voice, but she has uncanny musical sense, able to match many styles.  No wonder she's in high demand in the Jacksonville area." - Troy

Mark Creegan

Painter, songwriter, singer, guitar player and percussionist.
"There is no good reason for people like him not to be famous.  I have extreme admiration for this man." -Troy

Michelle Krasowski

"Further proof that I don't hate women.   She was a great sport, even though she got cut a little bit."  -Troy  

Michelle plays saw on Troy's third CD to be released early 2005.  You can listen to Michelle in this outtake from a botched recording session:  Outtake.mp3

Tracey Moore

"Born on the same day and year as me.  Does that have relevance?  I don't know.  Tracey is the talent who originally put this web site together.  She also contributed various screams and female sounds on both my CDs.  On top of it all, she was always a good sport about it.  She's cute, too" - Troy

Alan Justiss

The Jacksonville legend.  Read more here.

"Emotions run high when people speak of Alan Justiss.  In his often inebriated state,  Alan has managed to insult or offend myriads of people, including me.  He has more enemies than I have acquaintances.    But guess what, art is not always pretty.  You can't discredit the artist just because he isn't the picture of social grace you want.  Alan is the real deal.  He sits among roaches, jars of spit and towers of paper, in front of his old mechanical typewriter mixing words in brilliant new combinations." -Troy 


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