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These clay girls will do almost anything!
In hindsight, perhaps pursuing a career as a mime wasn't the best choice.
Get a rare glimse of the upstairs of LukaLips Destruction Company headquarters.
My prom went awry.
Face it. Yoda is a dick.
Santa has needs.

The Inside Story

Roy Peak and Nick Dunkenstein are a couple of the best people one can do videos with. Always game for whatever.

With the beautiful Nick Dunkenstein

The Inside Story

Mark Creegan plays Mark Crowdowski. Mark is a talented artist and you should look him up and check out his work.

Nick Dunkenstein plays Mark's wife. She's another amazingly talented artist and you should check out her work, too.

The split screen sucks, but it kind of makes the video funnier. I also think it's funny that you can see both my characters holding the camera remote in the still YouTube is using.

The Inside Story

I saved my poop for over a month for this video.

Roy Peak and Nick Dunkenstein are great sports. What great friends for a guy to have! And what a mess to clean up!

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