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Troy makes good art gooder

When I come across a masterpiece, the first thing I do is contemplate how I can make it better. This is, after all, how we progress. With that said, let me share some instances where I make the greats greater.

First off, let's start by admitting that clowns always make art better:

a clown

another clown

still another clown

If you watch Bojack Horseman, you may have noticed they have a version of this painting. This is one of David Hockney's Pool series.

Hockney's Pool

Classic Norman Rockwell made better!


I don't remember how I originally came across this painting. I believe the artist's name is Rafael Gaya. Anyway, I'm sure Rafael would concede that I made his work better and he will not sue me for unauthorized usage.


You probably recognize this iconic scene from The Lion King. I love the idea that Timon just keeps singing away with no idea his friend has been murdered right behind him.

The Lion King

I know this one is subtle. See if you can figure it out.


This one is my favorite. It's another classic from Norman Rockwell.

Norman Rockwell's Dead Teacher

Yet another from Norman Rockwell. It's much better when the little girl on the bench is a creepy old man.

Creepy guy on a bench

Hell, let's keep going with Norman Rockwell. It's so east to improve his art.

Norman Rockwell's Barbershop

Sometimes making one small change makes all the difference. Can you see it?

Norman Rockwell's IMPROVED Barbershop

Jesus is a great guy. Possibly savior of the world, but maybe he's not a good surgeon.

Jesus is not a surgeon

I'm ashamed of myself for this. I apologize to John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Annie Leibovitz and anybody who sees this. Despite my shame, I still believe I've made the photo better.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

We just have to face it, poop is funny.

Shape of Water